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How to take care of Soapstone Countertops?

Updated: Aug 20

Soapstone is another easy-care stone countertop that is nonporous, repels most stains, and is heat resistant. The downside of soapstone is that it is not as hard as some other stones, and the countertops can be easily scratched and chipped if hit with a heavy object.

o Daily cleaning: Freshly quarried soapstone is light gray in color. The stone

becomes darker as it is exposed to water and oils. To enrich the color, soapstone

countertops are often rubbed with mineral oil.

o Daily cleaning can be done with any household cleaner and water. It is best to

avoid scouring powders and pads.

o Stain removal: Since soapstone is nonporous, food and acids do not stain the

surface. If scratching occurs, rubbing the area with mineral oil will help hide

scratches and any discoloration from hard water spotting.


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