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Porcelain countertops in Sarasota

It is really well known that porcelain sinks, tubs, showers, and tiles have been used for a long time and is also out question that it has high stain resistance and very easy to maintenance. Good news are that those points can be found when we talk about porcelain countertops as well.

Most resistant than granite, porcelain countertops are light weight in comparison to any natural stone. Another excellent points about porcelain countertops is that they are close to 100% stain-proof, non-porous so liquids do not absorb and the rare stain is usually on the surface and easily cleaned off. Besides that, they are: heat, scratch, chemical and ultra violet (recommended for outdoors) resistant.

With that said, why not consider it when remodeling or choosing for the first time your countertops? You may be amazed by the great variation of designs available for porcelain!

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