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What is Biophilic Design??

Biophilic design is concept I love!!!!!

It is used within the building and design industry to focus on the human connection to nature and incorporate nature at its true core.

So basically in short it is embracing nature, while bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out.

(We would love to try any of these ideas for your dream fireplaces)

This design is becoming more popular because more people are living in cities than ever before and more conscious about their carbon footprint.

Nature makes us feel good and has been proven to benefit our health and well being.

The most popular elements of this theory include natural materials, natural light, outdoor views, cultural symbols & experiences.

Outdoor space is now a huge focus and key component of any home or any home remodel. People are spending a lot more time outside, so the spaces we create need to be suitable for year round use.

These areas are branches of our living space and can provide us with spaces to relax while still remaining social. Soft seating, outdoor kitchens and heating/cooling solutions will allow us to enjoy our outside space throughout the year and in all seasons.

Here at 301 Granite & marble we have your outside fireplaces and patios covered. Our experienced designers can direct you on how to make your outdoor living space a peaceful and tranquil Biophilic masterpiece. As a result you'll never want to leave your home!



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