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Cabinets Bradenton, Florida

Beautiful Custom Cabinets in Bradenton

If you are searching for beautiful, high quality custom cabinets for your home or business in Bradenton, contact 301 Granite and Designs.  Whether you are a homeowner looking for cabinets for your kitchen or the owner of a restaurant looking for cabinets for your bar area, custom cabinets will enhance the value and beauty of your property. Custom cabinets will not only reflect your personal tastes and style but create a beautiful atmosphere and more functional space. When you choose 301 Granite and Marble to design and install your cabinets, you can rest assured knowing that our custom cabinets are constructed from the finest hardwoods and built to last.  Whether you are not sure what you are looking for or know precisely what you want, we will tailor a plan to fit your needs and budget. Our experienced designers will meet with you, review your goals and objectives, and provide a custom solution which includes the type of material to use, the style and finish you want and the best hardware to match.

What are the Benefits of Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets can be one of the most stunning features in your home or business, expressing your personal taste and style.  custom cabinets are constructed and built to fit your lifestyle, design preferences, habits, storage needs and unique room shapes.  From kitchens and offices to bathrooms and showrooms, the benefits include:

  • Custom Made – Custom cabinets are made to fit your kitchen, bathroom, office and more.  You choose what you want and need.

  • Customizable – Custom cabinets are customizable, including type of wood, style, finish, and hardware.  You have control over the aesthetics without limitations.

  • Space is Not Wasted – Unlike stock cabinets, custom cabinets will create more storage space as they are built to fit your specific room.

  • Higher Quality Craftsmanship – Custom cabinets are handmade by experienced, skilled craftsmen. Properly built and installed custom cabinets will last longer than stock cabinets. 

  • They will Work in any Space – If you have an unusually sized room and need cabinets, custom cabinets will allow you to take advantage of every inch of the room.

Experience the Difference with 301 Granite & Marble

The team at 301 Granite & Marble has the experience and resources to implement any project, large or small making your home or business distinctly your own with custom built cabinetry.  Locally owned and operated we strive to exceed our client’s expectation with both our craftsmanship and customer service.   With our innovative technology and advanced production systems, we are committed to providing our customers the best custom cabinets available.  301 Granite & Marble designs with you in mind.  We have worked with hundreds of homeowners and businesses helping them create the space they desire at a price they can afford.  Contact us today.

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