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What you need to know about Recycled Glass Countertops


If you are looking for a unique beauty for your countertops, recycled glass should be on your top options. A diverse blend of glass all configured in different ways provide this dramatic look that will get anyone attention. We can also ad some benefits as a non-pourus, easy to clean and not easy chip and very durable surface this kind of material.

On other hand, it is good to consider that recycled glass countertops can easily crack if you put to much weight on that, specially on the corners. Stain marks caused from acid food or either strong cleaning products residues are others reasons to be cautions when considering it.

So if you’ve been searching for the better countertops and nothing has brought you a sparkling yet, take a look at recycled glass. It adds a splash of color to any room. Just consider to be a little cautions and be prepared for a lot of compliments!

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