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Are you looking for that minimalist effect in your bathroom?

If so an integrated sink is for you. It is a sink and a counter top all in one!

These sinks are built into a countertop and are made of a single piece of material.

Instead of being an afterthought, the sink is integrated into the countertop, which alleviates the stress of having to mix and match materials.

With that being said the choices are endless of how you can customize them to match your style.

You are able to chose the color, sizes, shape, features and bowl style.

When designing your integrated sink you now have the option to use fun and trendy materials like porcelain, concrete, marble, or terrazzo.

Here at 301 Granite & Marble we can create an AMAZING streamlined and minimalist setup just for you! Call (941)360-0301

******pictures from Pinterest*****

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