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Countertops Care

Always inquire about a countertop's level of maintenance before you put on the rubber gloves to clean up a spill. Every surface is different, and some materials can withstand kitchen mishaps better than others.

General Care

Clean up spills immediately.

Some liquids can dull or even etch countertop surfaces. Blot spills as quickly as possible so they don’t penetrate your counter’s surface.

Protect your countertops.

Trivets protect your counters from heat, cutting boards prevent nicks and scratches (and protect your knives!), and coasters and placemats provide a barrier against food and drink spills.

Avoid abrasive, acidic, and/or homemade cleaners.

Many household cleaners are too abrasive or acidic for stone counters and can scratch, etch, or dull the surface.

Don’t worry.

With simple daily cleaning and the use of trivets, cutting boards, and placemats, your countertops will maintain their original beauty for years to come.

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