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How to properly seal Granite, Marble or Quartzite?

301 Granite & Marble offers fabrication of granite, marble, quartzite, quartz and porcelain countertops. When it comes to natural stone, you will need to take care of your countertops. That means you need to seal your countertops.


Why sealing granite, marble or quartzite is important?

  1. To prevent staining

  2. Easier clean up


How do you know that your countertop needs to be sealed?

  • In order to tell your countertop sealed or not sealed , simply take some water and spray on the countertop.

  • If your countertop sealed you will see the water drops on the surface on your countertop.

  • If your countertop needs to seal or not sealed properly, you will that your countertop will turn to dark color and water soak in to countertop.


How to properly seal countertop?

  1. Make sure your countertop is clean. (Clean your countertop properly and allow it to dry.)

  2. Apply sealer evenly across the surface and wait 3-5 minutes.

  3. Apply sealer again and wait 30 minutes.

  4. Wipe the excess away and allow 24 hours to dry.

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